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Lost premiered Fall 2004 on the network ABC. It has since rocketed to record levels for the network and has been sweeping up the competition on Wednesday nights at 8PM. The show has been coined as highly addictive, well-written and well-acted. Jin (played by "Angel"'s Daniel Dae Kim) and Sun (Yunjin Kim) are the Korean couple which was aboard the plane, when it crashed. Since then the couple has proved to be mysterious to the rest of the marooned group -- albeit neither is believed to speak a word of English. In the episode House of the Rising Sun, the couple's past is revealed to the audience. The two fell in love, Jin being a waiter and Sun, a rich and powerful man's daughter. In order for the two to become married, Jin asked permission from Sun's father, however, also gained a job as Sun's father's errand boy. Their relationship seems to flail as Jin becomes caught up in his loyalty to Sun's father. And just when Sun was about to escape from her limited world, she decided to stay with her husband -- eventually landing them here, on the island.